Aug 182012

Brian Cummings (Brian Cummings) – American advertising photographer and director, who is considered a master of staged photography and the use of make-up. We bring to your attention two independent photoset author.

In addition to the ability to get up and take pictures of high quality, Brian Cummings (Brian Cummings) called expert conceptual images and ideas. At the time, an American who now lives and works in St. Louis, received a bachelor’s degree in visual design, which undoubtedly helped him in the future profession. We shall now describe two photoset. In the first, we go to visit the tattoo artist, and the second look unusual transformation of ordinary people into zombies.

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May 162012

Amateur Photographer David Keshkeryan Keshkeryan David (David Keochkerian) was born and lives in northern France in the small town of Amiens. 35-year-old self-taught photographer, David, and took up photography relatively recently. However, his success in the photographic art of striking – it makes excellent infrared imagery with amazing contrasts and colors.

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Mar 282012
Tattoo shop.

Tattoo shop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are some recent finds of Awesome Ink Artwork from around the net.  Hope you enjoy!!!





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Mar 252012
Inked Sexy French girl in jeans

Inked Sexy French girl in jeans (Photo credit: tibchris)

Inked Girls – Ryan

Repost fron Inked Girls Magazine – Model – Ryan

Ok…I think I’m in Love!!!


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